Ya'll might hate me for this but I wanna rewrite some of my stories. So, here's what I have planned:
          	First of all, no more schedules, since I clearly can't follow those, I'll update things when I'm inspired to write.
          	Valentine's first story is going to be updated, because although I think it started out pretty strong, the ending was definitely rushed and my chapters were always super short. Because of this, I won't be updating his second story until I'm done.
          	Daring's story will also be somewhat rewritten, because I had originally planned for most of my stories to be only 10 chapters. As a result, his ending would be rushed too. So, I'm gonna pace it out a pit better.
          	Alistair's story will mostly remain the same, however I might make some tweaks here and there, and his story will also be longer than first intended.
          	Lizzie's will stay the same, because I actually really like my writing in that one, however, I might go back and make some chapters longer.
          	For my Sophie and Agatha stories, I'll be deleting those for now, or just putting them on hold, sorry to those who wanted them, but I don't have inspiration for those at the moment, and this will lighten my load and allow me to update other stories.
          	I haven't finished the 6th book yet, but I plan on definitely updating my Aric and Japeth stories hopefully some time this month or next month.
          	I hope this doesn't upset anybody. But, I want to improve the stories I have already, I have ideas for new stories too, and I'll make an announcement for you guys to vote for which one you want when I've edited some of my others.
          	Thanks guys. I'm glad to be back


@hunny_baby_bug Thank you so much for continuing to write! You are amazing and I love reading your Aric and Japeth stories! Please let us know if we can do anything to support you ❤


No prob! Take your time!


Hi I just want to say I love your work with the Romulus x reader x bram story and I was hoping if there was ever going to be an ending to that one like do they continue on or is that a completed story I've been waiting for a long time and I really am hoping I get the answer soon but if you're still having time on that story I can wait a little longer


Please tell me you're still updating 


@hunny_baby_bug ok I just love your work and was upset you haven't updated in so long. Take your time and I can't wait for the next chapter of your books


@WildWerewolfGaming yeah, I've just been too busy to do it rn