I kindly ask you to avoid mentioning characters/lines from other authors or their works within the context of my stories. I only want to write, and I don’t want to feel disrespected; the same goes for other authors. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Hindi ko man kilala kung sino ang mini-mention niyo, but please, don’t put us in a situation we wouldn’t like.
          	I love hearing your thoughts, always. I appreciate you, your comments, and your feedbacks. But it just doesn’t feel right when you do that. Please, be decent. I respect everyone in the community. Sana respetuhin niyo rin ang mga gawa namin. One more, sorry, it is against my heart, but I will automatically mute you.
          	Thank you for understanding, guys. Let’s stay in love with our safest space! <3


@huescria love you pooo !!  hugsss 


@huescria super loved your stories po