I write mythical contemporary fantasy and fantasy romances, often with an Avalonian-Arthurian twist. My favorite is writing women who love other women, but I'll dabble in other pairings, too. The most important thing is that it hits all the right tropes! Some of my favorite tropes + things I like to read/write are: 

Friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, secret relationship, forbidden love, second-chance romance, antiheroes/antiheroines, dark magic, blood magic, pagan rituals and religions, myths and legends, bromance and women's friendships, past lives, reincarnation, landscape as character, magic as character, magical theory, science blending with magic, mother love, self worth, pining, and, of course, found family.

You might also know me from my days in HP fandom, which ran from like, 2005 to 2017-ish, though I still occasionally write a bit of fic. At this point, there's well over 1M words on my AO3 and folks seem to still be enjoying it.

I'm posting a prequel to my current WIP novel series here on Wattpad because people on AO3 have been asking where they can find my original writing. My hope is that people who find me here enjoy the story of Morgan, Gwenhwyfar, their Sisters, and their doomed attempt to save Avalon enough that they want to continue to the series!

Since this prequel is a WIP, thoughtful feedback is welcome! I am NOT a medieval scholar, though I've got a few books of the time period as study guides, and as a warning, some of the things in this story may be anachronistic. If you are a medieval scholar, I welcome your politely worded corrections and references so I can improve the setting. It also means that readers will, if so desired, have the opportunity to shape parts of the story! While the main plot is already outlined and set, there's lots of room for subplots, new characters, expansions or reductions of current characters, and explorations of different kinds of magic. Please share all requests and suggestions!
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