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Stories by mollie
{HELL'S CHARADE} Hazbin Hotel x Fem!Reader by hinatastinygiant
{HELL'S CHARADE} Hazbin Hotel x Fe...
-1/2 Alastor x Fem!Reader -1/2 Lucifer x Fem!Reader -When Y/N, the dragon demon, comes looking to reclaim her...
{DEAR DEPARTURE} My Hero Academia by hinatastinygiant
{DEAR DEPARTURE} My Hero Academia
As the sun sets the evening before their graduation from U.A. High, a group of heroes-to-be gathers for a nig...
{NULL & VOID} Kaminari x Fem!Reader by hinatastinygiant
{NULL & VOID} Kaminari x Fem!Reader
-Kaminari x Fem!Reader -Y/N, a quirkless rights activist wrongfully imprisoned by a corrupt system, emerges f...