"ur kinda cute when you're not blowing people's heads off with a gun"

*weird mode deactivates*

Hi! Fellow introvert here.

rae | introvert | hopeless ramentic | hufflepuff | asian | weeb | fantasy enthusiast | phan | professional daydreamer and procrastinator | fierce supporter of lgbt

- am I the only one who thinks that timothée chalamet looks like troye
- please tell me that talking to yourself is the norm because I do that all the time
- my final form is probably a chubby pigeon
- ( also no requests of any kind, please )
- I am an emotional biscuit please don't hurt me ;-;
- @CustardBun134 is an amazing talented bean go shower her profile with cake everyone
- I fucking hate twilight
- don't take it personally if I don't reply to your messages on my board, I'm just riddled with anxiety trying to conjure up the perfect magical but also meme-y edgy really cool answer so
- what is life
- this profile is a mess sorry
  • thou shall see that thy giveth no fucks
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half-whisperings half-whisperings May 26, 2018 03:33PM
Well hey why did i publish that im a huge fucking bag of nope rn
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