Hey everyone!
          	As you all know I’ve kinda been off wattpad for a bit, I’ve just been dealing with some personal stuff. I absolutely hate saying this, but I’m just simply not in the right mindset to be writing a story that includes such heavy and deep topics, like what I was planning for lights out. So unfortunately, I think what’s best for me is to delete it altogether. I just can’t bring myself to write it, and I don’t want you all to be waiting on something that I just can’t promise will be finished. I love you all and am so beyond grateful for all the support I’ve received from you, but I’ve got to put my mental health first. I’m in a bad place right now, and before I share my stories with everyone else, I need to help myself first.
          	I love you all to the stars and beyond… and that will never change 
          	xoxo emily 
          	(i hope you all understand and I’m so sorry for this. trust me I’m just as upset as you are about this)


@gryffinpufffffff also take care of urself or else


@gryffinpufffffff awh bb its fine you shouldnt need to apologise, mental health first always :)


Take care of your self babe!! Hope you feel better soon and don’t ever apologize for putting yourself first. When u come back to writing I’ll be welcoming you with open arms <3


Been reading fanfics for about a decade now and have been searching for a read that would make me feel as giddy as I felt when I was 13 and reading a One Direction fanfic. I have read plenty of fanfics over the span of my Wattpad career, ranging from every topic and subgenre under the sun. Having just finished Waldosia; I had to commend the author on such a well-rounded, attentively written, captivating fanfic. 10/10 wonderful read. Just the right amount of angst, fluff, snarkiness, etc. Had me rubbing my feet together and giggling out of sheer childlike anticipation and giddiness. Chef’s kiss 


Omg I just finished the James potter story and I don’t think I have laughed and cried about a book or anything for that matter in my life the story was so well written and everything tied in together so well I love all the platonic and romantic relationships between all characters and enjoyed reading it so much so thank you for making all that happen in one book that I managed to read in 6hrs and 1 sitting xx