My name is Monica I'm 17
My nickname is mon
I LOVE Dacre Montgomery ♥️

Favorite character's:luna,Wanda,tony,T'calla, Mia troetto,Brian O'Connor letty leon jess Percy Jackson bellatrixe kol Miklson kia Parker Lizzie Bonnie James potter Sirius black Grover Leo Bucky Stefan MR.D Ajax Enid Wednesday Tyler tej parker Roman price Willy wonky(Johnny deep) Neville ron fred&greogie bill Charlie Wesley Hermione granger Minnie chase Adam LeoD eddy Bree Donald Douglas Natasha Bruce Thor loki nick fury Maria hill klaus Miklson Elijah Miklson Finn Miklson jasper hale Rosalie hale Emmett Cullen esma Cullen Wednesday Adams Ajax peteorlus Enid Sinclair Tyler thing Cleo Riki,Emma Lewis's

HATED CHARACTERS:Damon(he used care-bear as a damm blood bag and sexy toy) Elena( because she can't make up her damm mind about being a vampire or Stefan or Damon and she forgive Damon for care and is a crybaby,Katherine 2.0) Edward Cullen( he was a creep he staked bella at night and he told Bella about him being a vampire and that could kill them if she told people) bella(she has two men after her and can't pick the right one and she is weird too! Like who the fuck shows a bloody finger at a vampire house and she only dated Edward to be a vampire and like every twilight movie I see her in she always twitching like answers the damm question or fix yourselves) dumbldore(because like everytime Harry ask him something he ignores him or doesn't tell him and if you realize that the beginning of the movie Minnie ask how Harry was saved he said he didn't know? Like bitch it was because Lilly gave him love to proctor himself)
Charlotte ( she tryed to take Cleo man! And she is evil 👿)

So-so character':Harry Potter( because he is clueless at everything ugh!! Draco(he was a bit rude a first but then I liked him)
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