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Falling For The Roommate (girlxgirl)

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Description: Bree Turner is 18, and just starting college. Because she was late getting accepted to college, there were no dorms left available and she has to find someone who's looking for a roommate. What she doesn't expect is for her to be so attracted to her...

GummyBear_- posted a message to girlxgirl_
Hi I just started my first girlxgirl story called "Immortal" check it out and give me feedback and if it totally sucks just tell the truth. Anyway umm...Yeah ok. 
Ariel819 posted a message to girlxgirl_
Hi, I've been writing  some girlxgirl  stories and I was wondering if you could read them and tell me what you think. I'd really appreciate it.
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Hi, I'm in the middle of writing a girlxgirl story, which isn't too amazing, and I did kinda just start it, but I enjoy writing it, so maybe you could check it out?