"Words hold great power. Words are the things that bring us together, and yet they are the same things that make us move apart. Words are the arrows to the heart, and they are the balm which soothes our wounds. Words and literature were manifested the moment man took step on this earth. "-             
-Avid reader
-May possibly become an amateur writer in the future
-17 years old
-From Pakistan, but a resident in Kuwait
-I love books! I like how they structure a new world around us and we, by using the power of mind granted to us, imagine the said world that an author has very much put effort into and mustered up enough words to write these books. A good book is an intoxicating book, a drug you can not simply just get enough of. A person sees themselves in a book, emotions and opinions are expressed through books;points are made through books. Relationships are made, Dystopians are forged, emotions are revealed and readers are thrown into the whirlpools of beauty of books, suspense literally threatening to kill you. As I've said before, I love books.
It would be nice if books are recommended to me, but as any human being, I do have likes and dislikes and developed tastes in books.... And well.... My tastes in books lean more towards the fictitious side. Which means no fanfics XD
Anyways, have a good day? Night? But yes, hope it's good.
P.S. Follow @woahbusterwha they're such a lovely person.
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