hello, it's rex. please take the time to read this :)
          	i hope you are all well and safe, considering the happenings around us.
          	first off, i'm sorry for being MIA for the past two years. those years weren't good to me, at all, and if you follow me in ao3, you'll know i've been posting fanfics of kpop girl groups and with good reason.
          	during that time, bad things happened one thing after another and i just couldn't find the heart to continue my story, my baby, "running wild". i've had a lot of fun writing it and engaging with you, my dear readers. it seemed to be a good thing to step away, to let the bad time pass, and then get back to writing it again.
          	unfortunately, that was not the case. i've been struggling with multiple mental illnesses and writing helps me cope with it, a little escape if you will, but whenever i tried to sit down and write a chapter, i felt so bad and in a way, i don't want to taint my precious work.
          	i am never one to half-ass my works and i don't want to dish out a mediocre chapter just for the heck of it.
          	and so, i have both good and bad news.
          	good news, i am in a better place and in a better mindset. please expect a new chapter of "running wild" within the next two weeks, right before my birthday on the 16th. it'll be my birthday gift to you :)
          	bad news is, due to covid, i was forced out of uni, jobless, and back to my parents for safety. the move badly damaged my laptop and hard drive that contains most of my drafts for "running wild", excluding the next chapter which was fortunately in a flashdrive since i was already starting to string together a new chapter.
          	if you like my writing or is willing to support me, i'd appreciate every bit of help you're willing to give.
          	you can support me here https://ko-fi.com/fxbricxtedrexlity
          	i'll be updating "running wild" some time between may 31 2020 and june 16 2020, please look forward to it :)


hey, no pressure here! just wanted to know how you've been since this pandemic has been a bitch to all of us and keeping a positive mindset is almost impossible at a time like this. 
          	  lots of love 


@fxbricxtedrexlity hiiiiiiiii I am currently done rn with "running wild" and it means a lot to me so pls if you have time update our baby (this is just a reminder)


@fxbricxtedrexlity Hey!! hope u r doing good....but its NOVEMBER bruhhh so pls update "running wild". u don't have to if u don't feel like it or feel pushed or something