i'm a simple girl. sometimes i appeared to be cold and detached, but whatever. i love ......

1. Reading; which means.........

*i don't do any sports. I can read all day;

*i starts as a silent reader on wattpad but i'm an active one rn.

*i would very much prefer to read a completed story because i don't have that much patience in me. but either way, i'm good, so long i can read stories on wattpad.

*so, never be afraid to send me a request to read your book. i'm good, as long as i can read.

*Thanks dear authors for all your stories. y'all have made my days for years now. love you all so much.

*i love romance genre,and not too cliche' story line. but really, i read everything.

*i love free books.

*more often than not, i smile or laughing or screaming or crying over the stories. and because of that, people either think that i'm crazy or i'm texting (when i smile) or having problems (when i cried) with my bf which is so wrong!!!

*i love wattpad.

2. Eating. i'm in relationship with fried chicken for as long as i live.

3. Sleeping. love it too.

so, this is me. i'm weird. i'm simple. i'm a boring person coz all i do is read. i like sneakers and caps so much. i don't really like pink.

i am me.

wanna be friends with me? just text me.
want me to read your books? just text me.
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