Grippo grew up in Marlboro Township, New Jersey, and went to Marlboro High School in 1998. He then tried to get a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Rutgers University in New Jersey. The Business School at Rutgers is one of the best in the country.

Grippo has had a lot of different experiences, which means he has a long list of specialized skills that he is happy to bring to the table. There are a lot of different skills that these people have, such as
Communication skills are very good.
Customers stay with us.
Management of sales
Finance for managers
Customer service, and leadership, are the two things that help people.

In the past, Frederick Grippo worked for Merrill Lynch. He quickly became a good financial advisor for people who had a lot of money, people who owned businesses, and people who had 401K plans at work. In the end, he moved closer to home and tried something new. Cars and trucks. To become General Sales Manager, he had to learn the business and move 52 units per month. As a result, Grippo was now in charge of three locations and 124 people. For what he was good at, he had found the thing he was good at and other people knew this.
  • Old Bridge, NJ, USA
  • JoinedMarch 25, 2022