// open your palms, drain your animosity into the seas, and i can assure you that you will be welcomed by a world where the rays of lucid sunlight envelop us in warmth, where the wind twirls us around as light as a thought and where the patter of foreign footsteps pulls us like a hook... bathe with me in the glow of billions of blazing beacons and i promise you that you will be set free //

xvii • she/her • bibliophile • british bangladeshi • greek + roman mythology nerd • good music-head • tea • thunderstorms & sunflowers • autumn • neuropsychology • twilight mind but sunrise soul • arthoe but cannot art • cynical optimist • the glass is both half full and half empty • pisces • pink lemonade & dandelion spirits • infj-t • poc • raindrops and saccharine nectar • cosmology • petrichor & monsoons • summery stardust • periwinkle skies • sci-fi • harpsichord hearts & auriferous angels • daydreamer

// i hope you're still drinking down galaxies and spitting out supernovae like the miracle that you are //
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“love built, god built provinces, built calluses, break promises. ‘cause i could never hold a perfect thing and not demolish it. what was i thinking? what does this mean? how could anyone ever love m...
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