new chapter of Psychotic Little Killer has been uploaded! 


@esssea hey its telling me that there's 3 chapters but when l click on it, it still says completed and there's only 2 chapters.


@Allyb0906 hi it’s not supposed to say completed. changed that now, thanks for letting me know! thank you for reading the story so far ❤️


@esssea hi question: it says Psychotic little killer is complete is it really?? I really hope it's not anyway I loved the chapter and the story so far


First of all, I would like to apologise to post here without the author's permission. So if you don't like it, you can delete my comment.
          If you are interested in forbidden love story with a twist in destiny. The typical badboy with all the bad traits falling in love with a sweetheart who is already engaged. See the journey of their eternal love and the unfolding of their past. The secrets of their past which can change their life.
          She is his butterfly, soft, naive and fragile.
          He is the one to make her feel butterflies, ruthless, rude and heartless. 
          He is the devil and nobody dare to touch the devil's princess.
          "I am leaving you alive so that people can see... what happens when someone touch what's mine." 
          "Do you need anything mi Amor" he said coming close to her while rolling his sleeves, looking hot as ever.
          "I- I want to g-go to mee-t Armaan" the poor girl shuttered again in nervousness seeing her intimidating hot husband standing so close to her.
          He moved his face closer to her ear before mumbling in his seductive voice.
          "I see, you like to play with kids lot... Why don't I give you one permanently?"
          The girl shuddered under his intense gaze. His words was alone enough to make her knees go all weak while the closeness did nothing to ease the tension.
          "I- I am.... I wa-nt... no... I- I mea- mean " 
          "Breathe... princess. I haven't done anything.... yet till you give me your permission." His voice seemed an octave lower than the usual.


I hope this message finds you well. I want to start by expressing how much your first book meant to me. Your story captured me from the very first pages and transported me into an enchanting world. The care you put into the details and the depth of your characters left me breathless.
          I eagerly await the continuation of your story, but more importantly, I want to emphasize how your work has impacted not only my life but that of many other readers. Your narrative has become a refuge, a place of inspiration and reflection.
          I understand that the creative process can be complex and full of challenges. However, I wanted to share how the anticipation for the new chapters is a source of great excitement and interest for all those who follow you. It would be wonderful to continue this extraordinary journey together, discovering what the future holds for your characters.
          I encourage you to consider how valuable and awaited your work is by many devoted readers. I am confident that your second book will be equally extraordinary, and I eagerly await the opportunity to immerse myself once again in your story.
          Thank you for your dedication and extraordinary creativity.
          With immense respect and gratitude