just got back on wattpad for the first time in ages and i’m only allowed to read 2 stories offline?! wth


@esssea please update innocent prisoner!


@esssea I really want u to finish innocent prisoner. its sooo good, so adorable


@Blossum21st esssea, that's her 
          	  inkitt, there's also one more chapter of 
          	  innocent Prisoners than there is on Wattpad.


Hey! I'm from Brazil, and a girl from here ended up posting a story of hers and says it's hers... I don't know if you authorized it, it's just that she recently did the same thing with another author... Her account is Lix_Malfoy


Hey author!! Hope you are doing really fine and being healthy... 
          Just wanted to say that I just completed 'My one and only' and IT WAS AMAZING, It just stole my ❤ You have a great talent... 
          If by any chance you see this just believe in yourself that you are an AWESOME writer.... 



@esssea please come back. I write books also, but I’m always scared to have others read them fearing what mean things they will say. But esssea, you are an inspiring author and it would be such a shame if you stopped writing, so please come back. I understand some readers might be mad, but realize they still read your story and took the time out of their lives to write to you, so joke is on them. Is it just that you are stuck? Do you not know how to continue? Trust me I bet we could all help give you a few ideas. Even if you don’t write again for a while, please send out a chat letting us know you are alright, we are all worried and thinking about you. Please.