Hey there.Few months ago I  floundered about wattpad.Few weeks ago I finally decided to write...few hours ago I decided to publish it.
Some quick facts about me
1.I am a 18-year old.I am a bit nerdy.probably that is the reason I started to write.To let it out.To free all those bottled up feelings in me.
2.I am currently in college doing my bachelors.
3.I am more of the sweet and silent killer .I am the most dangerous type bahaha and I dunno why I am proud of that.
4.I am sucker for happy endings.Well romantic books can do that to ya.
5.I find happiness in small things
6.I expect you to love me at least 50% as much as I love you
7.My real name is Sharada.It means the light after the dark.So read,follow me if I am your light...your Sharada
rest of my story I will tell you some other day..
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