I published a few parts of my book yesterday, but, for some reason, they are not showing up for most people. I have tried republishing and contacting Wattpad! I will get this fixed soon!


I don’t usually like dystopian- but I can make an exeption! I  come from tik tok and thought your story sounded really interesting. I just started reading it and its already so deep!


Hello! Just finished reading the prologue and first chapter on wattpad!!! Wtf this is sooo good! cant wait to have the whole story!! all the love from argentina 


hii, i came from tik tok, i cant wait to read!!!❤️ if you ever need anything, like a cover or whatever, just lmk.❤️❤️


I think the book is so interesting so far! I was wondering how long do you think it will take to write the whole book?