Hello there! =)

My name is Durriya Kapasi. Pen name- durriza. My hometown is East Africa, and I'm happily married in India. Muslim.

I speak multiple languages because of my frequent travelling, making mistakes in every, including English. You will spot a lot of errors on my profile.

I'm addicted to Wattpad, it's my second home. I've been blessed with lots of wonderful friends here, and a vast platform where I can share my works with the friendly users, who appreciate my work and encourage me to write more.

The people who I follow are special to me. Go follow them too! :)

My first book brought out the hidden author in me - She is still my sister. I'm scared to read it again, because I have made a complete porridge of grammar in it. With all the critiques, I learnt how to write my next book.

My second book Lydia- The Pet Communicator got to be the finalist in Watty Awards 2013, and I'm planning to publish it soon.

Not my last wish is the third book I'm writing for only entertainment. Let's see where it goes!

I DON'T TAKE READING REQUESTS. Please, don't read my works just because you want me read yours. However, helpful feedback on my work is really appreciated.

Founder of Wattpad India Facebook group.*

Enjoyed my work? Like my author page on facebook-- > https://www.facebook.com/durriyazaheer

If you need any help regarding this site, please feel free to ask me anything. You can PM, or even tag me - @durriza

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durriza durriza Jul 28, 2016 03:49AM
Wohooo chapter 7 is updated. Go have a read, romance and all romance,
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Not my last Wish

Social data: 580 reads. 74 votes. 146 comments.

Description: "Don't say the last wish, Daisy. We can be together, forever." An extraordinary romance. A unique human -genie love story.

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