Hey guys.....

I love Reading and writing...its like my escape from all sorts of issues or just ANYTHING

-HARRY POTTER (*always*)
-HUNGER GAMES (May The Odds Be Ever in Your Favour)
-Perks of Being a Wallflower (isn't Logan Lerman a cutie?)
-Percy Jackson (I guess Percy and Annabeth look awesoem together <3)
-Dan Brown Novels (ROBERT LANGODON all the way <3)
-Dramione (I am a HUGE Damione shipper)

More about my Potter Crazzinesss...
- I am muggleborn (seeing that none of my parents are Potterhead *sigh*)
-I absolutely, madly, crazily love Harry Potter movies and J.K. Rowling
-I ship DRAMIONE (they are my OTP), Jily, Wolfstar, Ronks, Teddy/Victoire, Scorose, Fleur/Bill, Drarry, Drapple, Nuna and many more
-I admin a Potter related page on facebook called Dracophobia : The fear of being hugged by Voldemort ( link : www.facebook.com/fearofhuggingvoldemort )
-I also love Alan Rickman and Gary Oldman and Dan and Emma and Matt
- I am SLYTHERIN (and Proud) (add me on Pottermore : HallowGlow20486)

More about Hunger Games Crazziness...
-I fangirl evrytime I read somthing sweet from Peeta *isn't he like the perfectly handsome guy with a perfect hint of shynesss*
-I admire Katniss for keeping her priorities sorted (I mean thank God she realised that the WAR is more important of a topic than what boy to date and similar boy issues)
-I almost drooled imagining Finnick say "do you find this distracting?" in JUST his underwear. I mean siriusly Katniss has a great SELF CONTROL
-Prim, Rue, Finnick and Cinna's deaths disturb me
-I love how Haymitch says "sweetheart" <3
-I love Cinna (he was one true friend Katniss made at Capitol and he proved he was worth the trust)
-I ship PEETA and KATNISS, for me Gale was always a BEST FRIEND nothing more. (glad Katniss figures it out)

Follow me if you think I am worth it *there are cookies*
Hope you enjoy my stories
Thanks for reading. U R AWESOME.
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