so I have a question
          	is it just me or are the characters of Voltron kinda like the sander sides??
          	like this is what I see:
          	Pidge --> Logan
          	Hunk --> Patton
          	Keith --> Virgil
          	Lance --> Roman
          	Shiro --> kinda Thomas (not really but a little bit)
          	I am just asking. Am I the only one who sees this????


Thank you so much for adding Someone Take Me Home to your reading list I really hope you enjoy it ♡


Thank you so much for adding my supernatural  fic "Pixie Dust" to your reading list. Hope you’ll enjoy it. Have an awesome day :-) ❤


Thank you for adding. “Guardian” to your reading list! Just to inform you, there is a new version of this same book on my page with several new chapters and it’s being continued!