So, my name's above and all that lacks is a brief introduction. Here goes:

*I love:
-reading everything
-playacting (when alone)
-talking to myself
*I can sing and change voices but I can't dance or play instruments.
*I'm quite proud when I accomplish something that for me is a milestone. I was beaming for a whole month when I found out this author who asked us to review his book had put up my review in Amazon.
*I am very proud of my country, the Philippines, even if it has its flaws. Everyone has their own flaw.
*I am quite shy but really crazy inside. I'm always filled with bundled energy. Also, you wouldn't suspect it but I have a very sharp tongue.
*I am very protective of those I love. Even things I love.

For now, this is all I've got to say. Thanks for viewing my profile!
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