¡Greetings, humans! This is Ariana over here throwing you a welcome party to my page. Words that describe me: crazy, chatty, alien, writer, poet, bipolar, stars' lover, creative, teacher and so much more.

Creator of Evan Woods, Shane Mason and Nash Sullivan. Hot, aren't they?

Chaito pescadito!

Contact me on:
Twitter: Arix05
Instagram: Ari_Godoy
Facebook: Ariana Godoy
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/arix05x

If you really need to talk to me, send an e-mail here: arix_x05@yahoo.com.ve
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cold_lady19 cold_lady19 Jan 16, 2016 04:29PM
¡Happy new year, everyone! 
      I know it's late but hey, better late than never. Just a quick message to send you some love!
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My Wattpad Love (Español) Libro I & II

Social data: 20.4M reads. 951K votes. 452K comments.

Description: (Publicado en Amazon y en Kindle) Julie siempre ha sido del tipo tímido. Su mundo cambia cuando descubre wattpad, una comunidad de libros electrónicos muy popular. Se vuelve adicta a la misma e incluso comienz...

#301 in Teen Fiction


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Growing up (MWL's sequel)

Growing up (MWL's sequel)

19.3M 562K 341K

"I want to grow up" Did you say it when you were a kid? I know I did. Have you regretted growi...

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Room 27

Room 27

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He's the best baseball player in town, the star of his team, the attractive popular guy in high school. ...

A letter to my readers

A letter to my readers

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A small letter to my readers.

Sweet Madness (Editing)

Sweet Madness (Editing)

9.4M 168K 40.5K

(2012 Watty Award Winner for Most Popular in Horror) Angeles has a dull life. There is nothing exciting...

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Story Reading List

Story Reading List

Story Reading List