¡Greetings, humans! This is Ariana over here throwing you a welcome party to my page. Words that describe me: crazy, chatty, alien, writer, poet, bipolar, stars' lover, creative, teacher and so much more.

Creator of Evan Woods, Shane Mason and Nash Sullivan. Hot, aren't they?

Chaito pescadito!

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A través de mi ventana #Wattys2016

Social data: 2.6M reads. 240K votes. 117K comments.

Description: Ares, no no el Dios griego, aunque podría serlo muy fácilmente con lo bueno que esta (enfocate, Raquel) Bueno como les decía, Ares Hidalgo mi odioso y muy muy atractivo vecino, el chico que acoso desde las som...


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Across my window (Coming soon)

Across my window (Coming soon)

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Prologue Ares. No, not the Greek God, though he could easily be a God. He's that beautiful. That face...

My Wattpad Love (Español) Libro I & II

My Wattpad Love (Español) Libro I & II

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(Publicado en Amazon y en Kindle) Julie siempre ha sido del tipo tímido. Su mundo cambia cuando descubre...

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Growing up (MWL's sequel)

Growing up (MWL's sequel)

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"I want to grow up" Did you say it when you were a kid? I know I did. Have you regretted growi...

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My Wattpad Love

My Wattpad Love

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Julie has always been the shy type. Her world changes when she finds wattpad, a very popular ebook commu...

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Story Reading List

Story Reading List

Story Reading List