PM me on here or write on my board if you want to talk (especially if you need some laughs). I have a better social life on my MMO's. Call me Akemi, it's my OC's name.

In real life if you had ever met me, you would know that I'm rather bubbly and hyper, but can still be serious if I want to be. Why can I control my self in this way so easily? I won't let anyone or anything beat me. As long as I have the right drive I will do whatever it takes. But most of the time just think of me as the hyperactive girl who will be your friend.

You say English, We say Japanese
You say Cartoon, We say Anime
You say Cat, We say Nyan Cat
You say Justin Beiber, We say Vocaliods
You say Reality, We say Anime
You say Stupid, We say Baka
You say Comics, We say Manga
You say Hello, We say Konnichiwa
You say Goodbye, We say Sayonara
You learn Japanese from classes, We learn Japanese from shows
You cry if a character dies, We have a rainbow of emotions
You feel what your favorite person feels, We feel what everyone else is feeling
You crush on Pop Stars, We crush on Anime Characters
You think we're crazy, We think you're just normal
You say Swords, We say Bleach
You say Ocean, We say One Piece
You say Family, We say Fairy Tail
You say Ninja, We say Naruto
You say Brothers, We say Fullmetal Alchemist {Brotherhood}
You say 9000, We say Dragon Ball Z
You think we're fanboys/fangirls, But we're all Otaku.
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Stan Lee is dead and now life almost doesn’t even seem worth living
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