I'm not what or who you think. Well, unless you're particularly astute. Or have been spying on me. In the case of the latter, cut it out. It's creepy.

My writing is a symptom of a medical condition: if I don't get the stories out of my head, the skull might actually explode. It's rare, but I think I am managing the condition fairly well.

I enjoy writing for the same reason we all enjoy reading. Escape. Escape from a normal world; escape from the 24 hour news cycle; from bills and deadlines; from traffic and noise. I sink into a little void of creativity and enjoy the ride. But why apocalyptic stuff? Why zombies?

They're fun to read about, they're fun to watch, and they're really fun to write. Why?

Because they put a scary and sometimes amusing face on everyday humans; they take the grocery store clerk, the lawyer and the gas station attendant and they lump them all into the same mold: the mindless, hungry carnivore.

In truth, it's the great equalizer, the zombie novel/movie/comic; it takes a variety of people from a variety of places and turns our oh-too-class-segmented society on its head. Rich, poor, smart, stupid, fat, skinny...they're all the same. We're left with only two classes: the undead, and the soon to be undead trying to postpone what many portray as the inevitable for as long as possible.

Maybe it's that sense of inevitable and crushingly painful defeat that's at the heart of these things-the sense that no matter what you do, where you go, or who you go there with, you're all gonna be zombie food at the end of the day. Makes for a compelling journey and provides the author with a great, clean template to work from.

If you like my work, shoot me an email at lzr1143@gmail.com! If you don't like my stuff, you can still email me, but I will send back videos with wrestling kittens and a sleeping monkey, snoring. Fair warning.
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