FIRST CHAPTER OF MY NEW BOOK is out n' about :) tysm for reading! ilysm xoxo I am very excited for this summer read :)))


This has literally become one of my top two favorite books, after F.A.I.T.H or before I don't know. It felt like I was there watching the scenes unfold and the rollercoaster of emotions... It's just one of those books that I wish didn't have an end. This is the first book I'm commenting on but I just needed to let you know that you did such a great job. And I would appreciate good recommendations, please.


hey!!! i read take me home when it first came out and to this day i compare every book i read to the storyline and the way take me home felt. i hope all is okay and was just wondering about your thought on publishing it? :)


hey, I just wanted to message and say I read ‘Take Me Home’ back when it was fresh in 2014, and to this day it’s still one of my favourite books. whenever anyone asks me what my favourite book is my answer always has been “Take Me Home by Blissom on Wattpad, it’s not been published yet but I hope to god one day it is.” I’ve made all my friends read it. It’s a work of art, and 8 years later I still feel the same way. you’re a genius, and I hope one day you can publish your wonderful book <3