bye yall


@BIMBONIC omg im so sorry for seeing this late !! take care bub, ly 


@BIMBONIC take care!! sending you all the love and positivity <3


{@BIMBONIC } bye hun, take care of yourself while you're gone, I'll miss you (。>﹏<。)


          I extend a pleasant greetings towards you,how have you been lately? hoping everything is going well. if not i’d like to allow you to remember i am present,at any time feel able to text me.
          »»----------------► Don't fixate yourself at problems it will stress you out! You'll be finding the solution soon,believe in yourself.
          You are capable of doing alot of things,i myself have faith on how you'd handle your problems!
          Also,Take me with you 
          i'll attend by your side and give you help if you are having a difficult time.
          »»-----------------► God has alot of plans for your future,it  holds precious events that'll soon occur. Afterall once the hurricane finishes there comes a rainbow.
          Keep a good strength to move in the journey of your life! You are stronger than you ever know.
            ❝ ◜REMINDERS◞❞
          .·ᝰ Safety is a priority,prepare masks to wear everyday
          .·ᝰ Be healthy,drink lots of water and have proper meals
          .·ᝰ Send anyone your stunning smile,stay happy
          .·ᝰ Get some rest,today you did an magnificent job.
          .·ᝰ Take medicines to strengthen your health condition.
          ╰ MESSAGE ╮ 
          Let's be each other's companion and take personal conversations.
          I'd be interested to get more knowledge about you!
          Don't have any uncertainties on sending a message!
          I shall give you love,keep in mind that alot of people including i,myself luv you!
          You are precious and important,know that you are valuable on living in this world. 
          You are amazing just the way you are! Keep on sending your charms to anyone and always smile.
          ☰ QUESTION  ⌕
           ↳*ೃ˚ what lyrics do you have stuck in your mind?
           -   ͙۪۪̥˚┊❛  This message is concluded
          You have reached the end❜┊˚ ͙۪۪̥◌
          Sincerely yours₊❏❜   
          ⸙͎ ۪۫•ladysasuya