I am Casey. A multilingual amateur artist who communicates through puns.
I have the mentality of a 4 year old and the habits of a 60 year old vagrant.
Writing is not my forte but I partake in it as a side interest.
Other pastimes include watching a variety of cartoons, animes, and movies.
Food is my one true love.


irockbigtime (I Love.... Luke? & What is Love... Exactly?) <inactive>
Pitakarot (Shivers..., Me? A Spy?, He Happened, The End of the Beginning, The Seeker)
urbanblue89 (Wisps of the Past) <inactive>
UrLovable (My Mixed Emotions, Forever and Always) <inactive>

And please read and vote on my books. Because I will love you forever. And ever. And ever and ever.

Just for you peeps to know, I rarely go on Wattpad due to real life problems, but I do have a fellow Wattpader check my account every few months.

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aznsparkly aznsparkly Mar 22, 2012 02:50AM
@Pitakarot puh-tahhhh-tick.
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Scary Stories

Social data: 119K reads. 1.2K votes. 421 comments.

Description: A collection of original horror stories that I wrote to make you shiver and stay awake at night. Enjoy!


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Meet You in the Tree-house!

Meet You in the Tree-house!

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A short story about childhood friends who meet after 9 years of not meeting. Suddenly, something complet...


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