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Stories by drama queen
Melodrama ▸ Marcel Gerard by azaleahs
Melodrama ▸ Marcel Gerard Fanfiction
❝We told you this was melodrama.❞ In retrospect, the trip to New Orleans was supposed to be fun. And it would have been fun, if Isobel Loren and her friends hadn't decided to accept an offer from a mysterious man t...
Kingdom Come ▸ Klaus Mikaelson by azaleahs
Kingdom Come ▸ Klaus Mikaelson Fanfiction
❝You want to be king? Well, I want revenge.❞ If Klaus Mikaelson wanted to rule the French Quarter again, then Jacqueline Chevalier was willing to help him out. Just as long as she got to bring Marcel Gerard to hi...
Epic ▸ Stefan Salvatore by azaleahs
Epic ▸ Stefan Salvatore Fanfiction
❝I was feeling epic.❞ The first time that Tatum O'Donoghue and Stefan Salvatore meet wouldn't end perfectly. But the second time that they would meet? Well, it cannot be yet said if it would end well or if it would...
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