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Stories by drama queen
Give Me Love ▸ Scott McCall by azaleahs
Give Me Love ▸ Scott McCall Fanfiction
❝Give me love like her.❞ Normality was something that most people, including Carson Bradley, took for granted. The sixteen year old girl had lived a fairly normal life in the eyes of modern society ━ she went to sc...
Hopeless ▸ Draco Malfoy by azaleahs
Hopeless ▸ Draco Malfoy Fanfiction
❝These violent delights have violent ends.❞ For years, a feud has boiled between the houses of Malfoy and Cassian. And even now, many years after it's start, with the first war over and a second seeming to lurk in...
Princess ▸ Fred Weasley (1) by azaleahs
Princess ▸ Fred Weasley (1) Fanfiction
❝Call me princess one more time and I will actually end you, Weasley.❞ Mallory Mayfair and Fred Weasley, as one would assume, did not care for one another. Mainly because Mallory Mayfair and Fred Weasley had absolu...
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