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Holding On

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Description: Brittany Gray is coming back home after 5 years. She doesn't expect things to have changed that much since she moved, but boy was she wrong. Everything has changed, including her best friend; Tyler Kirkwood. Long gone is the scrawny kid with braces...

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The Red Carpet Thief (On Hold)

The Red Carpet Thief (On Hold)

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Courtney had the perfect life. She was popular, gorgeous, and loved by her friends and family. One day w...

        “Slut; a person who has many casual sexual partners or a person with low standards of cleanliness, stated by Google. My house and my body is very clean and I have not done one sexual thing ot...
She crying some tears to soothe burns of the wounded.

        I was pretty sure what we were doing wasn’t normal kissing, the way his hands touched me, the fast movement and pressure of his lips and his tongue against mine was making me feel very arouse...
Poor cake is probably burning

        “About every one of them, I kind of hid behind the bleachers” My jaw fell at that, Ray watched me behind bleachers! I didn’t know if I should feel flattered or freaked out. “Me and some guys...
How does he have time to run a gang with all that stalking he be doing?

        I moaned against his mouth when he began to roll his body on top of mine, his lower region now pressed up against mine. Suddenly he pulled away and sat up. I stayed dazed laid down on my bed...
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