Hi friends!
          	Chapter 23 of In a Heartbeat has been posted. You can find it here:
          	I know a lot of you have been wondering where I've been and I discuss that briefly in my authors note. Thanks for understanding. 
          	Happy reading!


@authoralinovak  hi author i just read “My life with Walter boys” and it was so awesome!!  I really loved it  . I wanna ask if you had part 2 published? I can’t find it . Have a good day !!! ✨


We missed you!! I’m so glad you’re back! ❤️


@authoralinovak Has there been any update on when the third book to the Heartbreakers series will be published?


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            انت الان ، تكتب روايتك أو كتابك وتريد غلاف رائع وجذاب ولكن ليس لديك الوقت و الجهد الكافي ؟؟ ليست مشكلة يمكنك طلب اي غلاف تريده لاي كتاب أو رواية أو مجلة وستنالها بوقت قياسي .  اذا اعجبك العرض يمكنك التواصل معي على هذا الحساب . وستجدون بعض اعمالي هنا 


Hello Miss Novak,
          The Walter Men and the Heartbreakers Book was very good. After finishing a book for the first time in a long time, I immediately started a new one.
          I hope I get the chance to read her other books. You are the first writer whose work I admire on Wattpad. Although my mother tongue is Turkish, I will try to read his other books. 
          -Love, River.