Hello! I'm Valeria, but you can call me Val.
I love writing and reading more than anything.
if you enjoy my writing and have an idea for a story you would like me to write just drop me a message!

Please do not plagiarize. My stories are my OWN ideas. My OWN characters. My OWN dialogue. In other words, it's ALL my OWN. Except for the Janoskians, One Direction, and music that is played in the stories.

**NOTE** I'm a very busy therefore I can't update every week. so please cope with me! xoxox

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peace and love.
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It's complicated. (Janoskians Fanfic about Jai Brooks) [EDITING]

Social data: 305K reads. 3.6K votes. 491 comments.

Description: Jess hasn't been the same since that night. She vowed to never love anyone. Her heart belonged to David and no one else, but then she meets Jai Brooks. Jai and Luke are the new foreign exchange students from A...

39 Parts - Completed

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Just you and I. (Janoskians Fanfic about Jai Brooks)

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Play Along. (Niall Horan Fanfic)

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Story Reading List

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