I'm Andrea, a Software Engineer, Technical Editor, and aspiring Fantasy Author. I'm originally from Rome, Italy, but am currently are based in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

I read and write classic Fantasy: the sword-and-shield, dragons, and wizards kind. If you love this kind of Fantasy too, you may consider reading my free chapters, or browsing my books. You may also leave feedback, which is very appreciated.

As an unpublished writer, I recognize the opportunity to document my journey from the very beginning through a series of weekly Blog and Newsletter articles. I hope to bring other aspiring writers along with me and build a community around the love for Fantasy - if you are interested, make sure to check out our Discord Community!

Although most of my content is geared towards helping new writers through sharing lessons on the craft of writing and publishing your work, I also cover other interesting topics such as productivity, building a website or platform, and establishing a personal brand.

Join me while I learn how to write amazing stories and bring them to readers.
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