*sees you enter my profile and casually looks up from book*
Hi! I'm Fangirl! * returns to book*
*notices you're still here*
Oh... you're still here. Did you want more info? OK, I can do that. Hi, I'm Fangirl! I am an ambivert, I love TMNT, The Mandalorian, Young Justice, Marvel, DC, Teen Titans, The Flash (Arrowverse), Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Once Upon a Time, Pitch Perfect, The Good Place, NCIS, How to Train You're Dragon, Rise of the Gurdians, Voltron: Legendary Defenders, My Little Pony, Ninjago, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Percy Jackson, The Fault in Our Stars, Heroes of Olympus, Divergent, The Hunger Games, Sherlock, Ever After High, Pokemon, and Spirit Animals. I LOVE music! I'll listen to pretty much anything! I'm a Ravenclaw and I love to read. I'm a sucky writer though, which is why nothing is posted on here. I absolutely LOVE fangirling about pretty much anything with anyone. I'm extremely un-extraordinary. And I have an enormously bad habit of quoting random things constantly. I need friends, so anyone out there willing to start up a conversation is welcome! But I don't really have a life outside of obsessing over my fandoms.
Um... so yeah. That's me in a nutshell I guess...

*continues to read*
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