My name is Alyssa Nicole Sara Zea Rodriguez Torres.IK so long;)Writing has always been my passion.Wether its a song or story.Singing is also one of my passions.Anything that includes a stage or performance,i love.I am inspired to write by my sisters,Veronica Roth(author of divergent)and Jhon Green(author of  paper towns,the fault in our stars and many more)My favorite music artists are Taylor Swift and Salena Gomez.My favorite band is 5sos.My favorite books are Divergent,Paper Towns, & The fault in our stars.By reading those books i have learned alot about writing.Reading is seriously an amazing thing to do and being able to vizualize what the character looks like and where the character is is just remarcable.The fact that  your thoughts can do that,the fact that your brain can do that is just....Sometimes the story may say something like:Her blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight and her curly red hair moved through the wind but, you still vizualize a blondie with brown eyes.But thats okay.Because you can imagine anything cause its your brain and your thoughts.I know i am guilty of this and i wont deny.That is just a little thing that shows who i am.The smallest things represent you.The way I  see it,your brain is your own little world.Anything can happen in your world,anything can exist in your world.YOLO is my motto.If i do something risky,i say YOlO remembering you do in fact,only have one life.And i want to live my life the best way i can.I want to turn anything negative to a positive,I wanna live the best life possible.Quotes are also a big part in my life.They inspire me so much."My thoughts are stars i cant fathom into constolations"was a quote written  by Jhon Green in The Fault In Our Stars.Defidentaly one of my favorites.My best friend is a girl named karina.We've known eachother since kinder.I know i can talk to her whenever needed.

I know this is super cheesy but yeah;)
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invinsible? by alyssa23013
When California (known as Cali) is in a tragic accident,shes the only one not to die.Is she invinsible? or is...
Love,honesty,and pixie dust? by alyssa23013
Love,honesty,and pixie dust?
When Myah is bullied by a group of girls at school she runs into the woods and spots a tree house,when she go...
A bad boy for a good girl by alyssa23013
A bad boy for a good girl
I look through the peep hole. Its him. I breath deep breaths. Why is he here? I open the door and...... Margo...
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