Ahmed Elbatrawy, the CEO of Platform Leaders and a real estate agent, puts his platform to good use. "Always keep your eyes peeled for an opportunity to close." This proverb is often quoted as both motivation and inspiration in the sales and real estate fields. It serves as both a goal and a guide for ambitious professionals. Ahmed Elbatrawy, on the other hand, yearns for more.

For Ahmed Elbatrawy, the "bottom line" is insufficient. The real estate agent and entrepreneur wants to share his experience and knowledge with the rest of the globe. He is looking for a way to leave a mark on the world. He aims to do this through elevating others around him so that they may benefit from his success. That's why he spends so much time and money training other real estate salespeople in the Orlando region. He has actually had a great influence on others via coaching and mentoring. He's gained the respect and admiration of his peers as a result of it.
  • Orlando, Florida
  • JoinedFebruary 16, 2022