Sorry for posting here? Can u plz check out mine book? 
          I would appreciate it if you could take a look at it. 
          The name of the book is   Agnihotri's- The Sinner. 
          Plz do vote and comments too.
          I think you'd like this story: "Agnihotri's- The SINNER" by savage_alone07 on Wattpad


          Hope you are good.
          I remember reading your book last year and I loved it!!! But today when i came back to re-read i saw it's not available anymore. Have you unpublished it or what? 
          I genuinely loved every single scene of that story, it was one of my favourite and now it's gone suddenly i feel bad about it that's why i am asking.


@dreamyykatha can you name one of her book?



          I hope you're doing well. And sorry for just randomly posting on your message board. 
          If you have time would you just check out this book. I'll be grateful for your support. 
          Thank you.



Hiiiii Beautiful People ❤️
          How are you all doing?
          "If you don't do it than who will"
          With this interesting quote I just want you to know that you can do anything you put your mind too.
          Sometimes it's hard and that's okay but come back stronger or just be proud of yourself that you come back. You know last few days I was so lazy but that's part of life one day you can be active and the next day you're lazy or just not that active. It's part of life. The important thing is you heal ✨️ from whatever you go through that maybe friendship breakup or from your boyfriend. I think it's hard to go through a breakup but but it takes time like maybe weeks, months but it gets better later on. Believe in yourself that you can do anything ✨️ and you will . You know BELIEVE is something that will help you in life so much that when you'll look back you'll say it was worth the struggle. 
          Take care ❤️
          Stay safe ✨️
          Lot's of love ❤️ 
          -make sure you eat your meals on time 
          -drink enough water
          -Take some sunlight 
          - read some novels
          - spend time doing self care
          - spend time with your loved ones  #Lifesshots 
          Love you sweetheart *gives you hug and cup of coffee/anything you love to drink*
          Bye ✨️❤️


          I hope you're well and safe and I'm sorry to barge into your profile like this but want to request that please check out this book, the authors of this book are my friends and they've written their first ever book. 
          Please support them and welcome them into the Wattpad family.
          Please give it a try if time permits and if you're busy no need to apologise i can understand.
          Please follow them and support them.
          Lots of love to you.