first message is credited to LARRYVGL_luv - what an amazing hooman *claps*
          	for those who may be confused, I don't answer requests for books through my dm's here so I apologize for that - but it doesn't mean i don't take requests
          	just message LARRYVGL_luv not me, thank youu
          	GAHGAAHSG the CLOUT



Hi.........can I please know how and where to get access to LARRYVGL BOOKS ....... I really want to read it cause many have told me that her books are amazing.......Can you please tell me....


@LifeGoesOnTK Go to _LARRYVGL's account and scroll to the bottom of her bio and click her twitter link and there is a link to all the books on her twitter bio. Hope this helps


Hey honey! I really like the books that you're updating on your other acc and I want to know if they're going to stay in Wattpad. Like you're not going to delete them right? :(