I'm 20, live in East Texas, yes I use the word Ya'll(s) a lot, no I don't ride a horse to school, or even own a horse.  We're not all riding off into the sunset on our trusty steeds. I've been told I'm too wise for my age, and that I've been blessed with wisdom, but I think I just watch too much Star Wars. (Yoda, teacher he is.) I am in love with The Flash. Seriously, The Flash is the best comic book character ever. (Have you SEEN the tv show?!) I am highly creative. I've done stage/set design for theatre and short film, professional photography, special effects makeup, makeup in general, painting, drawing, writing, music, voice acting, acting, played the trumpet, made jewelry, heck I have a craft box with everything from sculpt clay to graph paper so I'm fully prepared for anything. I get bored easily, so I'm always jumping around from one hobby to the next. (right now I'm working on building a baby crib for a friend) So yea... I've had a hand in just about everything from arts to agriculture. Currently decided if I should take up on that judge's offer and go to law school or get a PH.D in Psychology...

Oh I have a calico named Nazi(I hated her at the time) and an orange tabby named Mufasa.

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Please keep my friend's family in your thoughts and my sister as well. A close family friend was ran over in an accident, but her best friend died right next to her, then this morning my friend committed suicide after his fiance broke off their engagement. Been a rough week, and a worse month.
I am having to set aside Wattpad for a while. Going through some stuff at the moment and do not know when I'll be able to return. Sorry guys, but I need to get my life going before I can return to hobbies. At this point it looks like I'll have to skip a semester to get another job to pay for things and to save up for a new car, and I really need to focus on that until I sign up for classes again in August. 
      A side note, for those of you who are in love with those Watty Famous writers and are constantly begging them for updates... Please just stop. Everyone on Wattpad has a life, and some of us started writing on Wattpad when we had the time to update twice a week. As years went by I bet even you guys noticed that this isn't the case anymore. We have lives, and sometimes our online lives have to be put on hold so we can make our real ones better. Don't bug writers for updates, you have no idea what's keeping them from writing. You should know that they love writing and you guys, but life calls, and it calls loudly.
      Thank you all for those who hae recently followed me, I'm sorry you guys are greeted with this. I just don't want people getting their hopes up for things I can't give at the moment.
Okay so I'm about to open PRIVATE graphic requests. This means that only followers are allowed to request, and it will be done over PM. I'm also only offering covers. In order to apply for a cover please respond to this update. 
      I will only be taking on three at a time. So far two slots are already reserved to @CallMeMelody and @Katrocks247. Now that I have the time (finals are over, Christmas stuff hasn't started up yet) I can actually focus on it.
      The reason for this is because I'm looking up graphic designing techniques from professional book jacket/cover designers. I will be dedicated a lot of this time to reading, listening, and learning from those who are willing to help me. I will post a thread in the Multimedia Club with the completed covers for feedback purposes only. 
      This thread will be open for anyone that is willing to give some kind of feedback  that can help me improve. The occasional "I love it! Wonderful! awesome!" is nice and all, but I really need to improve to a professional level. That's what I'm working towards. You MUST respond to THIS message if you want to apply. No PMs or other comments on my profile.
Mufasa is such a bully! If only it didn't cost me over $80 to get him fixed, I'd take away his manhood right now if it meant he'd go back to being the lovable cat he was when I saved him! D:<
Hello everyone! In celebration of me hitting 900 votes I picked a random follower and shared the love! Please go check out @greenseedless and help her out with her story! She's a new writer and we should encourage her to continue to improve! She has great ideas and just needs to support to get her where she wants to be!
      Next I'll be  doing the same thing with my 350th follower! Let's share the love and encourage those who follow us! We owe them a lot after all!