I'm 20, live in East Texas, yes I use the word Ya'll(s) a lot, no I don't ride a horse to school, or even own a horse.  We're not all riding off into the sunset on our trusty steeds. I've been told I'm too wise for my age, and that I've been blessed with wisdom, but I think I just watch too much Star Wars. (Yoda, teacher he is.) I am in love with The Flash. Seriously, The Flash is the best comic book character ever. (Have you SEEN the tv show?!) I am highly creative. I've done stage/set design for theatre and short film, professional photography, special effects makeup, makeup in general, painting, drawing, writing, music, voice acting, acting, played the trumpet, made jewelry, heck I have a craft box with everything from sculpt clay to graph paper so I'm fully prepared for anything. I get bored easily, so I'm always jumping around from one hobby to the next. (right now I'm working on building a baby crib for a friend) So yea... I've had a hand in just about everything from arts to agriculture. Currently decided if I should take up on that judge's offer and go to law school or get a PH.D in Psychology...

Oh I have a calico named Nazi(I hated her at the time) and an orange tabby named Mufasa.

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WrittingNinja WrittingNinja Jul 08, 2015 10:28PM
Please keep my friend's family in your thoughts and my sister as well. A close family friend was ran over in an accident, but her best friend died right next to her, then this morning my friend commi...
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