Oh well hello there you sexy, oh wait its my reflection in the computer screen. But you my pretties are pretty sexy to!! ;D


-15 Freshy (Sophomore)
-Brown Hair, (what my friends call mermaid hair because it "Hangs over the breasties")
-Brown eyes (sometimes they look freakishly black)
-I’m Short (4'8) :P Be jealous!
-Love to smile and love people who smile :D
-I hate my mom, wish she would just burn in a hole and die
-I'm single!! (but I'm officially love having a relationship with my bed, no commitment needed we just sleep together every night)
-I like guys (But I've always wanted to befriend a gay person, hugs to all gay/bi, I may be straight but I don't hate)
-I've never been kissed :O (Shocking I know)
-I play the piano, guitar and professionally sing in the shower
-I love writing and photography
-When I was little I wanted to be a professional dinosaur (who says I still don't)
-Sometimes I have really bad hyper moments (Like when I ran after Nixon *Framing Hanley* in his limo down a busy highway, ok so I didn't but I totally would)
-I’m a small town girl (population of like 800)
-Fav color: Green and Blue (I hate picking favorites on anything)
-Ima flirt, sorry it's my nature
-I have "tried" many sports:
*Tennis (Actually good at it)
*Skateboarding (Again is it a sport? My brother gave up teaching me)
*Cheerleading (Got rejected by the cheer team they can't handle me :P)
*I'm a dancer (any type -hiphop, jazz, lyrical ect)
-Fav music- Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance, Sleeping With Sirens and Mayday Parade (also much more but I don't have time to list)
-Anything else you want to know, message me and I’ll answer anything!!!!!!!

I love my pretties :D ---Abi <3

Fun fact: I like teddy bears and cuddles!!!!:D
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    Under My Bed (Chillin with the bed/closet monster)
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