It’s finally here! Check out the VidCon reading of Freak Week on YouTube! Hear YOUR words come to life as they are read by MEEEE and my friends! 
          	A huge thanks to @PseudonymForMe,  @MRowanMeyer,  @sararosewheeler, @branmuffin23, @nezumicraft and @Rosesinsummer for being literary geniuses! Could not have done this without you!


@WritingWith Thank you so much Grace and Family! The reading was spectacular. Couldn't have asked for better mouths to put my words in... please ignore all possible innuendo, no YOU have a dirty mind! Don't hesitate to ask if you ever need a writer in your corner :)


@WritingWith I've never been to VidCon before, but I plan to, someday, in the hopes of meeting YOU. You are absolutely phenomenal and one of the most relatable people on YouTube I have ever watched. After watching several of your videos, I was inspired to be a vlogger.I don't have any videos yet, but I intend on making them in the future. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you love because without you a lot of people would be lost, including me.


          First of all sorry Author for posting the message without asking for your permission.
          So dear Author and Readers,
          This is the link to my First story if you are interested in Adult / Mature content then you can give it a try.
          You definitely won’t regret reading it…❤


"Hey My Beautiful Baes! For those of you who are interested in Stephen King's new "IT" movie, @PerfectWrites101 is currently writing and amaze fanfic-novel-type-thingy which is freakin' amaze! Please go show her some love by following her account, reading her story, "It isn't real," and voting on her book. Let's get the word out on this amazing new book that you will not want to miss!"
          Hey make sure to check out this amazing story!