Happy December, everyone! 
          	The holidays are a busy season, so I'll be switching updates to once a week for Thorn and Hounded. Thinking Wednesday/Thursday.
          	This month is my major edit to Dark Side for publishing prep. I am working on it every night through December. Want to read the polished version in January? Send me a PM!  I'll post the first 5 sample chapters around Christmas! :)


@WriterKellie super excited to read the rest of hounded!


oii tudo bem? será que voc~e pode dar uma olhada nas minhas obras? estu começando no wattpad!


I am makeing a story based on five nights at Freddy's and I have been looking stuff up on how to make the story better and I came across you and I will try to use your tips and tricks to make my story better and the story is called glitchtrap verse I have made 2 chapters so far I am working on chapter 3 so far


I often forget about wattpad...but hunted always drags my ass right back here like once a year. Ready for yet another read through. 
          Was here when you og published each individual chapter and I remember the waiting and thrill for next chapter. 
          Great writing!


@Kittythemanipulator1 Same here! forever holding out hope


I just finished hunted and it’s such a great book! I never wanted to put it down? Definitely sucked me right in. Looking forward to reading hounded!! 


I just found your "Dark Series" and am on the 3rd book. This is some REALLY GREAT writing!!! I haven't commented, maybe once or twice, but voted on all chapters. I'm hoping the 3rd book will be continuing. I REALLY love the books!!


@LoriTaylor510 thank you so much, Lori! It will be continuing very soon! I actually started a publishing business for the edited versions of these stories, and I'm just finishing up the website and cover design of dark side. Then I'm jumping back in to write the rest of the drafts in wattpad!


Hey! I just discovered your book a few days ago. I already finished the Wild hunt series, will be waiting for your updates❤️


Can't wait to read the new updates to both of your series! The wild hunt has some wild stuff to it! Such a good read and always on your toes!!!


@GwinRyder thank you! It's very exciting! Busy. But I'm trying to get everything scheduled and setup. It's a lot of work! Especially after having a baby lol 


Just read hunted and hounded. Cant wait for you to finish it. You're imagination is amazing!


hi will you be finishing thorn I look forward to finishing it please