Hello Wattpadders, 

I simply needed to change my about me section, if you had read it before this moment, I am sorry.
Talk about embarrassing baby pictures *shivers*.
Alright I realize that I haven't been on here for a long time, and that is my fault, life got in the way so many times and I kind of lost my Kefi. I still don't have it back in full swing yet but it'll do for now.
I love to read mainly fiction but it is not unheard of if I read retellings of events. Speaking of retellings, I adore reading different variations of fairy tales!
Music is something that makes my day better and um what else do you want to know about me?

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Stuck in Ever After

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Description: A story that begins in a normal setting. High school, neutral hatred, the whole Bibity Bobity Boo! Long story synopis short, the main girl's soul ends up cursed into a story book of Fairy Tales. Not the Disney selection, but the original creepy cra...

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All Werewolves are violent. Myth. Werewolves can be killed by silver. Slight Fabrication. All Werewol...

I Used to Write

I Used to Write

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This is a poem about how I lost my writing, but got it back. And writing what you want. Don't let anyone...

Not Here Right Now

Not Here Right Now

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The following days after the passing of someone every dear to me. Who I still, and will always miss.

Okay, so if anyone still follows me on here. I have this idea for a story and am working on it but am no where near ready to post it on Wattpad. So PM me if you don't mind me running it by you.