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          	Exciting news coming out of Australia for two of our Paid Stories authors! Screen Queensland is turning to the community to look for writers and producers to take a whirl at adapting The Bro Code ( @joecool123 ) and How to Lose Weight and Survive the Apocalypse ( @Blondeanddangerous ). Please join us in congratulating them for being part of such a cool initiative!

          	Are you a Queensland creative looking to try your hand at story adaptation? Think your pitch is enough to snag this $50,000 opportunity? Well now’s the time to take a chance here: https://screenqueensland.com.au/investment-support/wattpad/
If you’re not in Queensland, well, join the rest of us who are excitedly waiting to see what these stories look like once they’re adapted for screens!



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          Hace un par de semanas comencé a escribir este libro basado en la cultura egipcia y me haría muchísima ilusión que le dieran una oportunidad. Es un romance para todos aquellos que les guste el amor [pero no es el típico cliché de Wattpad]. Los invito a que se pasen por ella y le echen un vistazo.
          Aquí les dejo el enlace:


A love story between a most wanted ruthless criminal from Italy and a simple middle class high school girl from Bangladesh. If you want to know how they met and how their love story began, you can explore this story.


In the heart of this eerie town lies an ominous maze, concealed from the prying eyes of the locals. Its winding paths twist and turn, leading unsuspecting souls astray into the clutches of the unknown. Rumor has it that those who enter will never return the same. Some claim the maze is cursed, while others speak of supernatural forces at play. The mystery deepens as reports of bloodstains scattered throughout the maze surface, yet strangely, no one seems to care. But you, dear reader, possess unwavering courage. Armed with determination, you take up the challenge of navigating this labyrinth of terror. With every step you take, the echoes of unseen creatures grow louder, causing an icy shiver to run down your spine. Your heart pounds in your chest as you realize the monsters lurking in the shadows hunger for your fear. However, you are not defenseless. Equipped with your wits and a bag of tools, you forge ahead, determined to outsmart the malevolent forces within. Each corner turned, each puzzle solved, brings you closer to survival, but also closer to discovering the dark secrets that lie beneath this horrifying maze. Are you brave enough to face your fears head-on and outrun the ethereal monsters that haunt this twisted realm? Only time will tell if you possess the strength to conquer the maze and emerge unscathed, or if you too will become another lost soul trapped within its macabre depths. Brace yourself, for the true test of courage awaits those who dare to flee from the clutches of the unspeakable horrors within.


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