Name: Vexon Andreas 
Race: Half sayian.
Sexuality: Straight
DOB:Sep 14
Looks:Has blue hair that's slightly spiked blue eyes and a scar going down his right eye towards the bottom of his ear.
Outfit: Blue blazer with black inside and a white tank top underneath, Black jeans, combat boots, and fingerless gloves.
Moves: Rakasha's claw, wild hunt, galick gun, riot javelin, dragon fist, super black kamehameha, Galick beam sword, godly galick beam sword, and as a last resort move kamikazeha.
Transformations:SSJ,SSJ2, SSJ3, Super sayian Violet(his form of super sayian blue)
Likes:fighting, cars, videogames, girls, anime, music, movies.
Dislikes:Freiza, broly, anyone who tries to kill him and his friends.
Bio:Watched his mom die right in front of him by a man he has only seen once yet never known the name, his father he never got to meet and is presumed dead. Unlike Goku and Vegeta's kids when Vexon achieved SSJ the night his mom died his hair remained the same spiky form. Eventually he was found by Goku and the others one day and was trained under both of them. He plans to get revenge on the person who ruined his life so many years ago by reaching super sayian god or higher. He did manage to beat both of his mentors but he was unable to achieve his god forms. When he became 15 he believed he could surpass anyone he faces though he has yet to test it.
Best buds: Therealgoku9000 and Exxplodimaster
Relatives: None
Gf/wife: None

😘Ona_Ovesh is my one and only😘
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