Absolute darkness gives birth to the purest light. What's found in between them it's called life.

Life is an illusion, fate is just a path, death - a destination.

There are no angels or demons, good or evil, only humans.

We fight the evil for the greater good, but in the process we inevitably become what we struggle to destroy. - Axel -

Any obstacle in life is a test. Either succumb to failure, or get back on your feet and try again. There is no middle ground. - Erika -

True strength is found in one's heart. - Agni -

I am a program made of endless lines of code, and you're a human, a puzzle with infinite number of pieces. - Angel -

A broken soul can never be whole again. You can patch it, you can mend it, but it will remain forever broken. - Sayuri -

Humans love freedom more than anything else in this world, yet they throw it away so easily. - Laoteng -

Life is an adventure that you can enjoy to the fullest only when you're with your friends. - Miyuki -

It's important to stay true to your beliefs. - Hod -

The bars of a cage are the same on both sides. From outside, it looks like you confined the problem, while from the inside you know that the world was deprived of the answer. - Ishtar -

If you're gonna grab your sword every time you fail to win an argument, do us all a favor and cut your own throat. - Nameless -

Once, I met a man who wanted to become a God, to live forever and be worshiped by everyone. I pity the fool. He could not understand the value of a short life full of twists and turns, happiness, sadness and irreplaceable moments. He could not understand life, the gift that was given to him. - Jezebel -

The world is held together by invisible strings. You are either a puppet or the puppeteer. - Adrian Malone -

You did not stop me from killing you all, you allowed the human infection to spread even more. - Bael -

As long as humans' hearts are filled with hatred, I cannot be destroyed. - Quezzal -
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VenomTDA VenomTDA 15 hours ago
A sosit, oameni buni, un nou capitol editat la Ascensiunea Îngerului Întunecat!În acest capitol am schimbat foarte mult replicile personajelor. Miyuki e mai nebună decât era înainte, iar Axel, sper...
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Ascensiunea Îngerului Întunecat by VenomTDA
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Un joc bun trebuie să fie distractiv, să aibă o poveste interesantă şi personaje bine conturate sau să prezinte un sistem inovator care să pună la încercare îndemânarea jucătorilor. Un joc excelent trebuie să aibă...
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Societatea Virtuală îşi doreşte să aducă împreună toţi oamenii lumii, aşa cum s-a întâmplat după răspândirea internetului, dar la un nivel mult mai complex. Această acţiune nu este văzută cu ochi buni de către toţi...
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