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All I can say is....I LOVE to read. Mainly fiction about wolves and Regency romance. If you ever need someone to read and edit your work I am more than willing and would be great to bounce ideas off of. I typically only do this for people who get to know me though. Who make the effort to read my stories first than to just ask me without first doing anything in return. I love all books romance! They are just so entertaining.

If I were an animal I would be a wolf, no doubt about it. In particular a gray wolf with brown flecks in its fur.

I'm weird and crazy but I'm also the most loyal friend you could ever find. I also love art, specifically acrylic painting. This is who I am. I'm just me. One of a kind.
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VHThompson VHThompson Aug 20, 2017 04:53AM
Omg, so here is a crazy story I just had to share. So Im home for the weekend and occssionally I like to walk around my house in the dark to train my eyes to see in the dark. Well, here is the surpri...
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Hello to whom ever is reading this. If you did not read the conversation notice I posted to everyone this is not an actual story but it may be one who will be interested in looking at. I have a lot of story ideas t...
The Pack Slut by VHThompson
The Pack Slut Werewolf
They thought I did it without a reason. Did they not realize I knew what they called me behind my back as I walked down the halls? I just didn't care. I knew why I was doing it and that's all that matters. Oh sorry...
You, Reject Me? by VHThompson
You, Reject Me? Werewolf
She never thought it would happen. She had guessed what he might be to her but never thought he would say it. "I, Alpha Grainger Hellion Dawnter of the Cliptic Moon Pack, reject you Calista Eloise Hunter as my...
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