When I:
Fan- that means you left a mark in my memory(must've done something great) or I trust you
Vote- that means I am reading your story and that is where I stopped, a bookmark
Comment- that means it took my attention


Pen Name: Sandra Dreev
Real Name: Maria Cassandra Dehn
Age: 21 years young
Birthday: 29 October
Race: Mostly American.
Location: Aeroplane! :D
Occupation: PILOT! Nah, that's a joke. Beggar.
Hobby: Writing
Favourites: Pink, Writing, Money, and Oyster Cards(nah, kidding!)...cookies?
Hates: Reading(it works faster than a sleeping pill)


Phone Number: 0123456789 :) Try it. Have fun.

Note: I rarely read. :) And, bloody hell, don't send money! O_O My begs were just a joke!
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    Nov 26, 2011 02:14PM

UnnoticedLiterature UnnoticedLiterature Jun 19, 2012 01:20PM
@BenKeddy Sure. When I have free time in my two-week break. :D
            Please read my friend's book too! She's SleepingPen. She only has one book.
            It talks about homosexuality issues, though, she just star...
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