Hi, My real name is Gaeania, and I love writing my own little fantasy's. I hope you enjoy them too. ( ^∇^)

I love to write and to be able to express myself in my own works of art, since i can't draw this is one of my favourite things to do, when i'm feeling it, the other times i'm being lazy on tumblr

I am currently writing a book called "The 5 Elements." I have sadly put it on hold for 2 years and counting.

Now, I know you don't care but I'm just going to put stuff about me!

- I like music (well that's a shocker)
- I listen to music while for for inspiration.
- Fav Dramatic music: Two Steps from Hell
-I believe in Hellenic Polytheism
-I can get bored easily (that's why I'm doing this)
#weeaboolyfe! (them darn kids and their anime and mangos) #notreally #goodlord
-I'm a sucker for cliche love stories (So if you have one, I will read it!)
-I SUCK at editing so please bare with me!
-and well... I'm happy your still reading this! :D
-oh! forgot one more thing! I'M AWESOME!(no your not dude don't lie...)
-guess I'm boring and have nothing else to write so thanks for reading and I hope that you will read my story (hope to soon be stories!)

Enjoy my story and please become my fan and leave comments and.....

VOTE!!! :D Thank you!


- Love all of you!! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Heyyooh! It's Becca! Your totally wierd, amazing friend. You leave me 200 words to hack. Wassup with that? Whatevs. I dotted your I's and crossed your t's! Love you!
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Titansarecool Titansarecool Aug 11, 2016 08:49AM
HI! You know my story? The 5 elements, well i didn't abandon it. I'm re writing it. and i did! I re wrote the first chapter and i'm hoping i can update each chapter every week from now on. College is...
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