☺ H-hi ☺

•I-I am M-Marcel Styles, p-pleasure meeting y-you.•

↳I'm 20 y-years old.↲

»I-Im single a-and bisexual,b-but I'm m-more into g-guys , p-please no h-hate.«

☞I-I stutter... a l-lot...☜

»I l-like reading a-and studying -smiles-«

↳I-I'm not s-special in a-any way, b-but I really n-need friends...↲

•P-please, talk to m-me?•

☺( nerdy_Anon) ☺


★ Hey there. ★

❝I'm Edward Styles.❞

✝ I'm the youngest one.✝

♒I'm 20 years old, I'm single and I'm bi, by saying I'm bi I mean that I like both guys and girls, but guys more. ♒

♒ I smoke, drink, I'm thinking of starting to do drugs... Yolo ♒

✝I love sex.✝

❝ pm me? ❞



愛Hello everyone!愛

✌ I'm Harry Styles! ✌

♪I'm in the middle!♪

∞I'm 20 years old!∞

∞single and bisexual, also more into guys, sorry girls!∞

♪music is my life♪

✌pm me sometimes?✌

  • umm s-somewhere, probably l-lost
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good morning everyone!-Harry
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