Pfft, I can only let you guess who the one writing this is :DD
I, am your much loved Alex! :D I thought this shizz needed a change so here goes!

HI! We're your out-of-the-ordinary best friends who have way too much time on their hands. That explains why we're on Wattpad so often.


~Has lately become distant of everyone and everything, except her iPod, laptop and scrapbook.
~Loves drawing.
~Is hopelessly crushing on someone who she accidentally hit with a paper ball when she was aiming for another guy.
~Sees any kind of writing as an escape from the world.
~Is single :3


~Has the cutest baby brother ever.
~Has a hot older brother who unfortunately is taken. (Alex! Ew!)
~Takes her time with updates so, if we're later than usual, blame Phoebe.
~Loves beanie hats. So if you own one, you're her new best friend! :3


~Is an amazing songwriter, and writer in general.
~Comes up with her best ideas in the middle of class.
~Can't stay serious to save her life.
~Is a skilled runner.

Together, they are the three musketeers, Golden Trio of Our Generation, Former Addicts of Tumblr!

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EGASS series:

~EGASS - Evil Glares and Sexy Stares (completed - editing)
~NSI - Not So Innocent (in progress)

Trying to convince the girls that we need a third book in the series :3 If the first two keep being as successful as they are! ^.^


Talk to us, we don't bite~
Ahh, and don't fan unless you actually read our stories, please, I hate it when you only fan because you want people to fan you back.
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Updated guys! Enjoy! - Em xD
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