Yes, I had a lot of stories on here once. But... They were fanfics, and that's not where my heart is anymore. Keep an eye on this account though. I plan to have original works soon. And hopefully you guys will enjoy them just as much. 


Oh? You want me to talk about myself?

Well, I'm Kitsune, though people tend to call me Void or Kitsu, one of the two. Depending on where I know them from. I'm a music major in New York, looking to get into either Audio Production or Music Business. Maybe even in a band... I dunno.

Yes, I am an Army girlfriend. Yes, I love my soldier more than life itself. Yes, it's tough, heartbreaking, and terrifying.Yes, it will hurt like hell being without him and worrying if he's alive or dead every day when he's deployed. No, I'm not going to leave his side when things get rough. I'm in it for the long-haul. And I plan on being an Army wife come October 2015 <3

Obviously, music is my life. I'm a huge rocker chick, though I listen to just about anything... Sans rap. I can only really enjoy a few artists and the rest are just... Blech... I can deal with "mixed" genres, though... Like crunkcore o.o That rap is alright.

On top of being a fur, I'm also a therian. Don't like it? Tough luck. I'm sure my animal would love to show you her teeth sometime. ;P

I'm rather shy, so if I take a while to reply or I disappear from a chat or something, it's not 'cause I don't want to talk to you... I'm just not sure how to respond or trying to think of an answer o///o Hehe. (Or I've gotten distracted from my computer, 'cause that happens a lot...But that's a different story.)

I also live in the gutter. So anything you say can and will be taken the wrong way. =3
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